Carl Welsby - Wedding Photographer Pembrokeshire, Wales and UK. The perfect choice for your Welsh wedding.


I'm Carl and I live with my wife Louise, cat Holly and Bella the pooch here in beautiful West Wales.

I'm a documentary wedding photographer working here in Pembrokeshire, but shooting natural reportage and creative wedding photography across Wales and the UK.

If you planning a very special Welsh wedding or indeed a wedding in the UK beyond Wales and are looking for a creative but candid wedding photographer I'd love to be part of your day.

A passion for documentary wedding photography

Over the years I've come to understand that each wedding has its own particular energy, a magic all of its own. People have come together in celebration of a joyous event, emotions are centre stage and the day's mood changes as it lengthens.

It's the people that create this ever-changing story that I love to photograph. Being a documentary wedding photographer means I am able to capture the build up nerves, laughter, happy tears and beauty of the whole day.

My photographic style

My aim is to create light, soft-feeling images that are beautifully luminous, filled with light and that brim the emotion of your day. To this end, wherever possible I shoot using natural light as it helps preserve the atmosphere and originality of the scene.

I shoot the majority of my images candidly, where the subjects are largely unaware they are being photographed. This style, sometimes called reportage wedding photography, is of-the-moment: I'm constantly looking for the next shot. It requires an eye for composition, an ability to anticipate what's about to occur and quick reactions.

The result is a curated  set of natural images each one individually edited in my own style and which captures the uniqueness of your own, very special story.

Creative wedding photography

It's not every day you'll get to look so glamorous and if it's something you'd like to try I'd love to make sure we get some of those dramatically-creative, bridal magazine-style shots!

Think amazing clifftop images or taking time to exploit that huge leather sofa or grand staircase in your amazing venue, beach dramas & shots with hair and bridal veil flowing.

Such editorial shots are more complex and the styling itself -  deliberately creative - requires a little time. Such shots can be done on the day if the timeline allows or on a different day if the relaxed flow of the wedding day would be affected.

It really is all about you

I'm somewhat different to most wedding photographers. Each year I accept only a handful of commissions. This enables me to focus solely on my clients.

I place great emphasis on client service, from the initial enquiry to delivery of your images. Many happy clients remark on the help I afforded in planning the timeline of the day, ensuring a relaxed event.

I often shoot a wedding alone but also regularly engage assistance in the form of a second-shooter or photographic assistant. Your requirements will dictate what I'll need.

What coverage do I offer? Whatever you need. Coverage can range from a few hours to multiple days if time doesn't allow for what you wanton the day itself. Sometimes we can shoot elements of the celebration weeks and indeed months after the wedding depending on what is required. Much is possible...

Who commissions me?

My clients tend to be discerning couples who place a higher-than-average value on their wedding photography. They understand that after the cake has been eaten and the band's set list forgotten what remains, forever, is their investment in their photographs.

Each package is completely bespoke, created specifically for each couple according to their requirements. Prices start at £1595 for full day coverage.

A black and white image of two bridemaids fastening the buttons at the back of a bride's wedding dress.

Wedding Photographer in Pembrokeshire