Carl Welsby

Hello, I'm Carl.

I'm originally from Blackpool, with an accent rounded by a life travelling and working in the Middle East and Asia, Hampshire and latterly Pembrokeshire.

Back in the early 90's I was leading, then designing adventure holidays in the days when messaging was by telex not Whatsapp. Oh, the stories I bore people with, like this one.

You can see some people photos from way back then here.

I am married to Louise - the best woman to come out of Middlesbrough, or anywhere else for that matter. We moved here in 2007 and gained some sheep and a dozen chickens, and a cat named Holly (who thinks she's a dog such is her propensity to follow us around).

Some time after the loss of our beloved dog Jasper we had Bella join us. That's her below, looking quizzical (Jack Russell x chihuahua, in case you were wondering). Life hasn't been quite the same since...

  • Bright Eyes

I am self-taught photographer. Back when I was travelling  a lot my passion was street photography, capturing images of locals in some of the remotest parts of the globe.

Today I'm still a people photographer. I worked with Paul Williams setting up Willians & Welsby, a wedding photography business, but also photograph the landscape and things in it.

All my images are highly edited: they don't come out of the camera the way you see them. I have an idea the way I want the final image to look and shoot with that in mind, then spend time editing it to get it looking how I want. In real life that photo of, say, a broken down farmhouse might not look like it does in the photo, but it's how it makes me feel.

You'll find many of my images break a lot of photographic rules. I want to create a piece of art, even if it is of a bleak moorland road or dramatic sky framing a sheep.

I hope you enjoy my work, all of which is available to purchase as ready to hang wall art.


I'd first like to thank my wife  Louise for all her support over the years. Doing her bit - and mine - here at home whilst I'm locked away upstairs in my studio editing photographs hour after hour. Thank you darling.

Landscape Photographer in Pembrokeshire